The program will start with the opening session on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, at 20.00

The day is divided in several sections, inter alia plenary sessions, workshops, discipleship and leadership trainings and sharing of experiences.

Everyday all the activities are inspired to one theme:

Thursday on Reach Up
All the presentations and activities are focused on how to reach up and worship God.
Goal: living a personal and corporate worship;reach communion with God, with Jesus, by studying and meditating on the Word, through prayer, through praise, in a personal experience, within the family and in fellowship with the brothers

Friday on Reach Across
All the presentations and the activities are focused on how to reach across and be in connection with the others
Goal: having a loving relationship with our fellow Christians; overcome the barriers that divide us as a family, building a community of fellowship, of care, involving every member in the church life in service to our brothers and church growth, developing the pastoral care from members to members

Saturday on Reach out
All the presentations and the activities are focused on how to reach out and be more relevant in evangelism
Goal: inviting other people to join our community; revive and refresh the church as a community of love and attractive fellowship, dedicated and consistent in mission as ist first duty, expressing service for the human needs, offering friendship and solidarity, witnessing the love and praises of Jesus, inviting men and women to a relationship with the risen Savior


All the presentations will be in English. The Inter-European Division will provide the equipment for translation, your delegation is asked to provide translators. Please, fill up in the registration that you need translation in your language.